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Example Sentences. Propaganda. How would you use propaganda in a sentence? Asked by Wiki User. See Answer. Top Answer. Wiki User Answered 2011-02-11 03:32:17.

Propaganda in a sentence

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🔊 Janet hates taking photographs so don’t expect to see her on the selfie A propaganda line was prepared, while the city was peppered with repeated bombardment. Show More Sentences To comment on distant matters that are not close to the heart leads us into propaganda which coarsens our collective psyche. Propaganda in a sentence 1. They have mounted a propaganda campaign against Western governments. 2.

1. ex .: Se repentir  Propaganda in a sentence 1.

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Julia PikePropaganda to get lost in what you love. M A WardPerkele · The base sentence being NO NIIN :D. av Revolutionsdomstolen i Iran för att ha ”bedrivit propaganda mot conditional sentence to which she was sentenced in her absence.

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Propaganda in a sentence

Examples of Propaganda in a sentence. Voters should listen to facts and not to the propaganda distributed by the media. 🔊. The evil adviser spread propaganda about the rebels who were trying to put the king back on his throne. 🔊. Because Jill and James have bought into the cult leader’s propaganda, they are going to give him their life savings.

One of the first big Hollywood stars to play in a Chinese film and promote it, Bale, who won an Oscar this year for his role in "The Fighter", said anyone who used the word propaganda to describe Zhang's film would be wrong. use "propaganda" in a sentence They give you the methodology, standards and propaganda material.” These verses are, however, nowhere to be found in ISIS propaganda. "They're using propaganda to legitimize what cannot be legitimized. Flight attendants handed out communist propaganda magazines. propaganda in a sentence Example Sentences for "propaganda" The art of propaganda is in explaining complex issues in simple black and white terms.
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Propaganda in a sentence

The pirate radio station A propaganda line was prepared, while the city was peppered with repeated bombardment.

A few men in the city resisted communist indoctrination efforts, but most were programmed to side with the government. 🔊. The cult leader began his manipulative indoctrination, teaching his followers to do his bidding without question. 🔊 à la propagande propaganda Examples of using To propaganda in a sentence and their translations Each year they used to send reports to Propaganda Fide on the number of converts.
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click for more sentences of propaganda Example Sentences for "propaganda". During wartime, governments put out a lot of propaganda aimed at encouraging hatred of the enemy, and complete trust in the government's actionsGovernments always issue propaganda justifying their policies, especially in the period leading up to an election. During wartime, governments put out a lot of propaganda propaganda in a sentence, 1- The Germans considered the movie . 1- The Germans considered the movie "Casablanca" to be a propaganda film, and made it illegal to show in German theaters during the Second World War. 2- During wartime, governments put out a lot of propaganda aimed at encouraging hatred of the enemy, and complete trust in the government's actions. One week left to enter our vaccine poetry contest!

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British propaganda, I assure you. It is the basis of the Propaganda. Despite what the propaganda would.

ples. 14 Mar 2018 Mizan, a news agency affiliated to the judiciary, said that prior to his sentencing he was facing accusations of “spreading propaganda against  See the most useful Propaganda meaning in Urdu along with English definition and sentence(s). 19 Nov 2020 This explains what name calling propaganda is. It provides examples and describes common propaganda techniques. It focuses on names  Propaganda is something that is used all the time, and we may not even notice It is usually a sentence, paragraph or general idea which does not display the  10 Feb 2016 Through this lesson, you'll define propaganda and explore some examples. You' ll also come to understand how propaganda is used in social  Example sentence for the Tagalog word propaganda, meaning: [noun] propaganda. Put your mouse over (or tap, for mobile devices) any Filipino word to see its  Translations in context of "propaganda" in English-Arabic from Reverso Context: racist propaganda, propaganda against, propaganda campaign, hostile  Example Sentences of "propaganda".